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Can pinot noir be served chilled?

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

By way of background I've recently discovered a particular wine that I really quite like. It's by a New Zealand producer called Two Paddocks. It's warm in Airlie and when I bought the first bottle I kind of just automatically put it in the fridge. And when I later drank it, the temperature felt right. And the wine itself was great - top notch. But later I got worried that I might have broke some kind of sacred rule of western civilisation, and thought that I'd better check. Using a reliable source.

For when you go into the average Aussie bottle shop generally the only red wine that's in the chilled section is Rose, which I find to be a bit wussy for my tastes. But what about Pinot?

Well according to Dr Google:

"Pinot Noir: red wine that is best enjoyed chilled. When talking about reds, one of the most common tips is to serve them at room temperature. ... However, this is not a universal rule: there are red wines that could also be served slightly chilled. One of these varieties is the Pinot Noir."

Still, I was interested to get some further advice re: this issue so I wrote to Two Paddocks hoping that the brew-meister, or perhaps one of his elves, would be kind enough to provide their own recommendations. Thankfully they promptly wrote back to me to advise:

"Thank you for your email and good question! Room temperature is optimum, although I appreciate that, as you are based in Airlie Beach that will change compared to Central Otago. Love your article!

I wouldn’t put it in the fridge as it has a tendency to “close the bouquet”.

Think of it as a flower, when it is closed (cold) the aromatics are not as pronounced. As the flower opens up (the wine is at room temperature), the bouquet becomes more pronounced and intense. The universal temperature to drink Beaujolais, for e.g. is 13-14 degrees Celsius,with%20which%20it%20was%20formed..

I hope that helps, but feel free to contact me if you have any further questions."

Anyway, I was thinking that I might gift a bottle of 'Picnic' pinot noir (pictured above) to the eventual purchaser of the property for them to enjoy on their first evening out on the balcony. Sound fair?

PS: And of course, as everybody knows, it's important to have a balanced diet. So I'd recommend also looking at this beverage.


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