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There's lots happening in Airlie Beach

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Lots of positive things have been happening in our local area, and continue to do so. In this post I'll just mention a few of them.

1. The Airlie Beach Hotel re-opened after extensive renovations, and the city foreshore adjacent to the hotel (and to the north and west) was extensively redesigned/recreated . A Queensland-based group has since consolidated its interest in the hotel, acquiring the property freehold 10 months after securing the leasehold interest.

2. The Abell Point Marina business (pictured below) purchased Coral Sea Resort. This has already transformed that particular section of the foreshore in a very positive manner (the blue pointer indicates the location of our house, by the way).

3. Daydream Island re-opened after a lengthy process of reconstruction and renovation that included the construction of a giant aquarium. Hayman Island has also re-opened following it's own process of major upgrading and transformation.

4. The Whitsunday airport near Proserpine completed an impressive expansion project in 2020. This included the installation of new screens for advertising (one of which is pictured below). The most recent development there has been the establishment of a dining facility operated by Kevin Collins of Airlie Beach's 'Fish D'vine' fame.

5. Airlie Beach Race Week ran again in 2022 and a great time was had by all (see pic taken on the last day).

The Hamilton Island Race Week will also be running again in 2022.

6. Take a look at what's planned for Shute Harbour ... "A group of businessmen are planning an ambitious $350m ­resort for Shute ­Harbour in what will be the first major hotel and marina precinct to be launched in the Whitsundays in 20 years" (29 April 2022) This article in The Australian is behind a paywall, but you'll most likely find additional info via google.

More detailed information about any these projects or events is available via a targeted Google search.


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