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Market trends encompassing 'sea-changers', 'tree-changers', pandemic-dodgers & survivalists

Updated: Feb 14

One of the interesting and unusual aspects of 'Chesapeake Estate' is that of the survivalist leanings of the original owner, Donald McDonald. The survivalist (aka 'prepper') theme has been around for some time in the U.S real estate market. It became somewhat topical again due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here in Australia, a more recognised factor is that segment of the property market that has been labelled 'sea-changers' or 'tree-changers'. These are city residents who move to regional locations usually within two to three hours drive of a capital city. There are a number of factors driving this trend including the quality of the physical environment, as well as developments with regards to online commerce and work opportunities.

Many articles concerning this topic have appeared in the media - mainly in relation to NSW coastal towns - acknowledging the boom that is occurring in relation to purchases by city dwellers. Given that Airlie Beach is further removed from a capital city, the extent to which these trends occur in the local real estate market remains to be seen. But my guess is that it will affect the local market more than most would currently envisage.

Some examples of these related articles now follow:

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