Mandalay House set the maximum price for any home sold in the Whitsundays to date

Updated: Sep 14

Mandalay House is situated at the end of Mandalay Road. It previously set the price as the most valuable residential property ever sold in the Whitsundays region.

This magnificent property in within view of our home

For a time it was marketed for short-term rental ... for the princely sum of $20,000 a night

Here is some further information in relation to this property (November 2020)

In mid-2021 this fine property was again listed for sale (Agent's listing)

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Tartak family list Airlie Beach trophy spread Mandalay House for about $20m (

Mandalay House in the Whitsundays is for sale for circa $20m. I spent a night at this spectacular mansion when it was first listed for rent for $20k a night. Here’s some of the video I filmed at the time. Full video and story in @couriermail today. Elizabeth Tilley (Twitter @liztilley84)

A video taken of this property


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