Several Mandalay Road homes that sold and/or are now listed, for over $3 million

Updated: Jun 20

The first home in Mandalay Road that I wanted to bring to your attention sold in November 2018 for $3.4 million. You can click on this link to see that property (it's the home furthest to the right in this view).

The property comprised a tasteful and relaxing one-bedroom beach house with a small pool. A newer extension had been built to provide guest quarters, on an area of land that was originally a tennis court. I'm not sure of the total size of the allotment, but it was relatively modest.

Whilst the home was on the waterfront, in this instance that translated into mangroves and mudflat at low tide. And that means sand-flies aplenty. The outlook was pleasant but relatively limited, being south-westerly towards Airlie Beach township.

An interesting thing about this sale was that, although the property wasn't advertised, it sold within a day or two of the owners being approached by a local real estate agent, and who already had a potential purchaser in mind.

The second home I wanted to mention was at 4/383 Mandalay Road. It sold in 2018 in a similar price category, and is described here.

The third home is at 377 Mandalay Road. It was listed for sale at $3.95 million in August 2021, and can be seen here. (Update: This property sold in June 2022 for $3.5 million)

Some other Mandalay Road properties that recently sold, or are now listed, include:


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