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The Airlie Beach market is still zooming

Updated: May 8

I received the weekly newsletter from local real estate agent 'Ray White' the other day, and it made for interesting reading as it often does. Under 'Premium Property Update' it spoke of 'The Beacons', 'The Cove', 'One Airlie' and 'The Landings'. These developments are waterfront and are situated at the bottom of the hill a little to the west of 'Chesapeake Estate'.

The following paragraph caught my eye:

"The Beacons was originally sold with 15 lots but now has only 14 lots with two lots amalgamated into one. There is one house for sale and one block for sale around $4m. These lots are 800m2 and lot 1 is 1100m2. The last sale for a block was $3,885,000 in 2023."

Wow. People are paying roughly the same amount for a bare block of reclaimed seaside land that we are seeking for a far, far larger allotment with a house that I'm told would now cost about $2 million to build.

According to 'Ray White', "With the logic that "they are not building any more of these", we expect demand to be strong for quite some time."

Now finally take a look at this article, also drawn from the Ray White website. It's called 'Byron Is Back As Beachside Suburbs Top The List For Regional Price Growth'. Airlie Beach was found to be the third best performing beachside location (7 May 2024).


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