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  • What are the property's key selling points?
    The property's key selling points include: ​ The views from the house are amongst the best you would get from an Airlie Beach home - particularly the night-time view of the town The size of the house and its robust construction Its outlook & orientation (incl. access to cooling sea breeze) Its proximity to the town, yet it's tranquility and privacy Its location within a small, secure and exclusive residential estate It being comparatively safe from the effects of tsunamis and rising sea level The unique design of the house, including for example its abundance of storage space (shelves, cupboards and drawers … everywhere) It being situated in the unique and vibrant Whitsundays region
  • The next step/s if you'd like to buy the property
    If you like what you see on this web site, and the property falls within your price-range, then you are most welcome to come and see the place for yourself. Please email us providing details regarding your availability (i.e. preferred dates/times) and your contact details, and we'll respond promptly. ​ After inspecting the property a copy of the sales contract can be provided on request. Assuming you are comfortable with it's terms & conditions then a deposit payment is provided to a solicitor, together with a signed copy of the contract. After the agreed settlement period has passed and final payment is rendered then - congratulations - you will become the proud new owner. ​ For readers who are new to Queensland, details of the applicable state guidelines for purchasing residential property can be found here. If you are not an Australian citizen then you might also wish to read the guidelines that may apply to potential buyers in your situation. This option may also be of interest. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.
  • Could a purchaser operate a commercial business in the property which is being offered for sale?
    It's my understanding that commercial use of the property would require the written approval of both the body corporate and the local council (which is Whitsunday Regional Council). This is an issue for which you would need to obtain your own legal advice.
  • Could a purchaser subdivide the land?
    The lot on which the house is built is currently zoned 'rural' (refer to Council's zoning map) and comprises 1.687 hectares. The estate in which the house is situated is currently a form of body corporate that is known as a 'Small Schemes Module', which has a maximum limit of six lots. ​ It's my understanding that subdivision would require the written approval of both the body corporate and the local council. Again, this is an issue about which you would need to obtain your own legal advice.
  • Could furniture, appliances, maintenance equipment, and/or other items, be included in the sale?
    If you would like particular items to be included in the sale, other than the usual fixtures/fittings, then we can certainly negotiate this option.
  • How much are the Council rates and body corporate fees?
    The Council rates for 01/01/23 - 30/06/23 are $3564.59. The body corporate levy due on 1 March 2023 is $4,219 (quarterly). These expenses may vary in the future depending on periodic Council rate reviews and/or body corporate AGM resolutions.
  • And what about the mystery bomb shelter?
    In the mid-1980's, journalist Guy Ker wrote a story about the property that included this paragraph: "The mountaintop mansion boasting the tightest private security system in the Sunshine State is the dream-home of eccentric Kiwi millionaire Don McDonald. Obsessed with self-preservation, the now ailing white-goods king spent a fortune turning his slice of paradise into an impregnable corral. The $20 million residence is guarded around the clock by trained mercenaries and even features an atomic shelter equipped to survive nuclear attack". And, no, I haven't found it yet.
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