1. What are the property's key selling points?


The property's key selling points include:

  • the views from the house are amongst the best you would get from an Airlie Beach home - particularly the night-time view of the town

  • the size of the house and its strength and quality of construction

  • its outlook & orientation (incl. access to cooling sea breeze)

  • its proximity to the town, yet it's tranquility, security and privacy

  • the unique design of the house, including for example its abundance of storage space (shelves, cupboards and drawers … everywhere), and 

  • it being situated in the unique and vibrant Whitsundays region

2. What should I do now if I'm interested?

The property is available for private sale with enquiries being handled directly by the owner. 

If you like what you see on this web site, and the property falls within your price-range, then you are most welcome to come and see the place for yourself. Please email me providing details regarding your availability (i.e. preferred dates/times) and your contact details, and I'll promptly respond. 

Assuming you subsequently wish to proceed, a copy of the sales contract can be made available upon request. If  you are comfortable with it's terms & conditions then a deposit can then be transferred to my solicitor, together with signed copies of the contract. After the agreed settlement period has passed and final payment is rendered - congratulations - you become the proud new owner.

For those readers who are new to Queensland, details of the applicable state guidelines for purchasing residential property can be found here. If you are not an Australian citizen then you might also wish to read the guidelines that may apply to potential buyers in your situation.

3. Would the owner be interested in renting out the property instead of selling it?

Our preference is to sell, but we would consider an offer in relation to the long-term lease of the property. Those unfamiliar with the regulations for renting residential property in Queensland can obtain details here.

4. Would the owner consider a property swap rather than a normal sale? 

We would be unlikely to accept a property swap, but you are nevertheless most welcome to raise a specific proposal in discussions with us. 

5. Could a purchaser operate a commercial business in the property which is being offered for sale?

It's my understanding that commercial use of the property would require the written approval of both the body corporate and the local council (which is Whitsunday Regional Council). This is an issue for which you would need to obtain your own legal advice.

6. Could a purchaser subdivide the land?

The lot on which the house is built is currently zoned 'rural' (refer to Council's zoning map) and comprises 1.687 hectares. The estate in which the house is situated is currently a form of body corporate that is known as a 'Small Schemes Module', which has a maximum limit of six lots.

It's my understanding that subdivision would require the written approval of both the body corporate and the local council. Again, this is an issue about which you would need to obtain your own legal advice.

7. Could furniture, appliances, maintenance equipment, and/or other items, be included in the sale?

If you would like particular items to be included in the sale, other than the usual fixtures/fittings, then this could be addressed during the sale negotiation process.

8. How much are the Council rates and body corporate fees?

The Council rates for 01/01/20-30/06/20 were $3706.12. The body corporate levy due on 30 September 2020 is $2,596 (quarterly). Both of these expenses may vary depending on periodic Council rate reviews and/or body corporate AGM resolutions.

9. What is happening with regards to the Caronavirus pandemic?

I am not aware of any positive Kovid-19 cases having been discovered in the Airlie Beach/Mandalay area. The weather is great but the town remains a little quiet at the moment.  The major factor here is that there not any flights running to/from Proserpine for quite some time. Flights have now resumed, with both Alliance Airlines and Jetstar offering services. Virgin Australia will recommence services in early July 2020.  


It is anticipated that interstate road travel will re-commence on or around 10 July 2020. The largest island resort in the region, Hamilton Island, will re-open on 1 August 2020. Hamilton Island also has an airport, and one would assume that it will also re-open at that time. As the situation may change I would suggest checking with your travel agent or online booking service.


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