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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Whilst beachfront restaurants are a 'dime a dozen' in places like Thailand, in Australia they remain reasonably rare due to planning restrictions, etc. I wanted to take his opportunity to tell you about several of them located here in the Whitsundays, all of which are highly recommended. And three out of four of them are close enough that you can see our house on the hill.

The first place I'll mention is Coral Sea Resort whose restaurant is called 'The Rocks'. This was recently bought by the owner of what is now known as the Coral Sea Marina Resort, and who also operate some other restaurants around at the marina. The Rocks is beside the resort pool and has a great ocean view to the west and north-west. I went there last night and can highly recommend their Apple Crumble :)

The next establishment is called 'The Northerlies', which has a wonderful easterly outlook. The picture below is from their web site, and in it you can see our home up on the hill just beyond Airlie Beach township (more pics in their gallery).

The most rustic of these three places is Montes Reef Resort up past Hydeaway Bay. Whilst it is considerably further to travel to than the other two restaurants, it does have a rather unique character. And you even have the option to stay in a beachfront cabin after your meal.

And what of my pick of the best non-waterfront restaurant in the area? Hmm, that would probably be Fish D-Vine, and it's so, so close to the beach ;)


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