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'Mandalay Eco-slide' tourism concept

Updated: Jan 21

I was just reading public comments about the proposed Whitsunday Skyway in one of the local Facebook groups (17 January 2024). Local people were trying to confirm the exact route of the Skyway, mainly with a concern about privacy should the Skyway operate above someone's home/s. I'll be most interested to see whether this proposal advances, and when. Both the various government agencies and community groups can be brutally tough in the handling of potentially exciting new ideas.

Reading this discussion prompted me to recall one of my own thus-far shelved development ideas - a rapid-launch lifeboat similar to that shown in this video. The concept originally envisaged visitors sharing a delightful afternoon tea, following which they would load into the lifeboat from the terrace at my home.* The launching location would thus be, according to Google Maps, situated at 115m above sea level.

The concept is that of a specially-designed boat that would be launched northwards down a steep ramp, elevated to enable its safe passage over Mandalay Road, and culminating with a spectacular entry into the ocean. Upon (briefly) submerging, a 'Welcome to Ocean' presentation would be played using the vessel's PA system.

Assuming the boat can be made to be suitably robust, it would feature clear glass panels in the hull. This would enable viewing of an abundance of intriguingly animated fish and other sea-life. One or more flashing buoys would be installed to eliminate the risk of collision with other vessels.

Once the educational component of the tour was completed then the boat would unload passengers by the water's edge, to be later winched back up the hill into its launch position. It is proposed that the winch be powered using an extensive array of solar energy panels.

(*Subject to Council and Body Corporate approval)


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