Should we repaint the house, and if so, using which colours?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Before I listed the property for sale I asked three local real estate agents to come around and talk about the place. One of the topics I raised was re-painting the house. All three said to leave the place as it was, otherwise I risked choosing colors that put people off the property … let the buyers choose their own color scheme they said.

I've also had some local painters come around to look at the place and I told them what the agents had said. They (the painters) seemed to think that, well ok, but the roof color is dated and that it should probably be the first priority.

Instead I decided to leave the roof alone for now and to just to paint part of the house to test one potential color scheme (see the pictures provided below). These colors are Dulux 'Antique White', Dulux 'Chalk USA', Dulux Bronze Fig, Dulux 'Woodland Grey', and Colourbond 'Cove' (half pigment strength).

Now back to the roof. You could describe the current roof color as 'brick red'. It's distinctive, and in fact many local people have referred to our house as "the place with the red roof". It's lasted well, but it is rather faded now.

So what do you think? Where to next? Leave it for new owners to arrive at their own color scheme or do it now? And if so, what color/colors should we select?

Here are a few possibilities


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