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The growing emergence of telecommuting is likely to transform Airlie Beach & environs

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

This post was prompted by reading an article entitled 'How telecommuting is changing Australia's housing market' (27 August 2019).

I believe the growing trend towards telecommuting may well impact on the Whitsundays region more significantly than other places - particularly with regards to real estate values - largely because of a combination of good accessibility (despite its relative remoteness), climate and physical attractiveness.

With regards to the first point, note that Airlie Beach has three airports within an hour and a half's drive (Mackay, Proserpine and Hamilton Island), and is but a small detour from Australia's main highway and its parallel railway line.

See this more recent article (16 December 2021) entitled 'The surprise suburbs where house prices jumped fastest in 2021'.

See also this article (27 May 2020) regarding Sydney buyers now choosing coastal properties

And in relation to the current USA situation, refer to 'Nearly One-Third of U.S. Homebuyers Want to Move if They Can Work Remotely Post Pandemic' (12 January 2021)


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